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  1. I am trying to make the circles Scale in place , as well as diamonds and the splaches but i don't quite get why does it come from the center and not in place. And i am also wondering how can i make the waves and zigzags move like the ones attached in the video. One last question as a beginner in the GSAP world where do u guys recommend i start ?
  2. Hey Mikel, thank u for ur efforts. I will next time i am sorry
  3. How can i shuffle between 1 and 2 and 3 in GSAP with a smooth motion. Giving it a 3D kind of effect ? i want to create this type of motion where 1 moves smoothly from it’s position but becomes behind 3 and smaller than it’s original size and at the same time 3 moves and takes 1 position and so one. Can any one give me a demo on code pen example please as shown in gif.
  4. Sandy Sameh


    How can i make the last part of the "ease elastic.out" motion continue for ever without repeating it's tough start meaning. I have an object that enters rapidly using elastic.out(2,0.1) and every time I do yoyo:true ad repeat :-1. it makes my objects come fast over and over again. I just want my object to maintain the slow shake at the end of elastic.out any clue how ?? I want my object to stay at this quiet motion for ever any clue ???