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  1. Hello! I was wondering how can i change the reveal effect i have on those divs. The animation looks ok for "Upper" and "Lower", but on "Lower2" and "Lower3" it looks like they are coming down from behind a div, giving a weird visual effect.
  2. Hello! I am trying to achieve a hover effect on some geometries: when i hover over a cube it has to scale up and also start an infinite rotation while the cursor is over it. When the cursor leaves the object, it has to scale back down and the rotation has to pause (so it can continue if the cursor is again hovering over it). Tween kill doesn't do it (it stops the rotation and only scales down while i'm moving the cursor, otherwise it stays in the scaled up version + it doesn't start the rotation again on subsequent hovers).
  3. Thank you for the quick responses.
  4. I want to check if the animation is active (if it is then i want to return). I saw this https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/Timeline/isActive() but i can't make it work so.
  5. Thanks for your responses! I will try to have as minimal of a demo as possible on future questions. I managed to get the desired animation by tweaking the coordinates (actually using only the Y coordinate). https://codepen.io/mark772/pen/rNwOPOv
  6. Hello! I am trying to accomplish this effect https://greensock.com/docs/v2/Plugins/DirectionalRotationPlugin on a 3d scene. So basically i want the camera to transition to the point selected and not jump to it as it is right now. How can i do that?