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  1. Ah. I just realized I was missing the stagger parameter (I meant for the "-=.3" to be the position parameter). It's all good now...
  2. D'oh - I just realized it's a TimelineMax method. EDIT: is it?
  3. Hi - not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've got an AS2 script here, and I'm building a sequence of tweens. All is well until I get to staggerTo - I am positive I'm giving it an array as its first property, but it keeps throwing a type mismatch. Here are the important bits: var introTl:TimelineLite; var btnsArr:Array; function init():Void { // activate TweenLight plugins TweenPlugin.activate([AutoAlphaPlugin, ScalePlugin, TintPlugin, RemoveTintPlugin]); // store the buttons in an array btnsArr = new Array(btn0, btn1, btn2); // play intro anim introAnim(); } function introAnim():Void { introTl = new TimelineLite({onComplete:onBoardAnim}); introTl.staggerTo(btnsArr, .5, {autoAlpha:0, scale:150, ease:Back.easeOut}, "-=.3"); //icons } function onBoardAnim():Void { trace ("onboard"); } I've even stripped this out and put it into a new file - same result. I'm sure it's something simple. Any ideas?