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  1. Sorry about that . the demo i use is the same last codepen you shared here . i upload a small video on Dropbox showing the error https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjnuvbxiffvfpwk/A-Pen-by-GreenSock-Google-Chrome-2021-12-04-13-33-11.gif?dl=0
  2. thank you for your quick replay I really appreciate you. But I'm facing a performance problem, it happens after a time of executing the slider, or after a little scroll. It mostly happens when you reduce the speed of the slider from the code It looks like it's moving in the shape of a block I just changed the value PixelsPerScond in the horizontalLoop to : pixelsPerSecond = (config.speed || 1) * 50,
  3. thank you very much for the quick replay . you helped me alot. I really appreciate you it's pretty much what i want to do
  4. thank you very much GreenSock it solved all my problems . i make it auto play and i'm trying to controlling it with scroll handler, https://codepen.io/ouis/pen/porgmyx is there a way to make the slider scroll passed on how much px the user wheel the mouse
  5. thank you Cassie for the quick replay , the article was very helpful . I have used gsap in several projects with react js , but i have an issue with implementing this piece of code. I'm trying to build an auto play slideShow , and it's stop playing in hover , with scroll control to the slideShow. this is a simple exmple: https://codepen.io/ouis/pen/bGrEvzV
  6. hi how can i implement this effect with react js ?