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  1. I'm trying to stop the animation of the bouncing ball with the ball at somewhere 50% done of the final iteration. Meaning, the ball should end up being 'in the air', not on the floor. I can't find a way to target specifically the final repetition. Can this be done with some adjustment to this timeline, or another one should be created to move the ball when bouncing timeline ends? Thank you for your time!
  2. Exactly what i was looking for! You're a life saver. Thanks a lot 💚
  3. Hi Cassie, thank you for your time! That's a nice point you have there. I 'learn' from so many places outside gsap, and the more i learned, the more i felt the need to learn. I got addicted to learning and that turned out not to be the most proficient way of moving forward. I switched a bit to be addicted to acting and then asking for feedback. This codepen seemed the right approach for me and i chose it as the way to implement such a reveal-on-scroll on a website, and i was hoping there is some small adjustment i could make to the current architecture to obtain the stagger effect. If however you think there is a better approach to obtain a similar centralized solution to handle such a reveal on scroll, please let me know. Again, thank you so much!
  4. Hi guys, hope you're having an amazing day! Mine not so much, as a gsap beginner. 🙄 I'm trying to add a stagger to the reveal animations of the elements that are positioned on the same level in the page ( y axis). More precisely, i want to add some delay between revealing the image and it's corresponding text. Any suggestions will help. Thank you!
  5. Vlad Tw

    DNA animation

    Hi guys! This is my first time reaching on GSAP forum, so i apologize in advance if my question does not fit certain criteria. Do you have any tips on how can one approach an animation similar to the one on https://www.aeratechnology.com/? (the slowly moving dna on top center of the page). It comes hard for me to believe that there are 3 different shapes, just rotating, especially the striped one). Any codepen or gsap feature that i can harness will help, as i was not able to get anything of the big picture that should be in my head. Thanks a lot.