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  1. Carl, this solution will flash from frame to frame, if it's running on a bogged down device.. it's like there's a fraction of a second, where the last image is hidden, and the new one is being displayed.. 😕  It doesn't happen at the same second..


    I ended up just making my own simple javascript function that changes the div id, which are all set with different background-image's... much more smooth, as there's not that brief second of one div being hidden, and another being shown.

  2. I've tried all mentioned ideas... what ended up working was increasing the rotation.. if the animation is changing x,y,opacity,scale too slowly (ie too few pixels per second), rotation: 0.01 isn't enough.


    I instead just set the rotation with CSS to .01deg, and it's completely smooth now for all animations.

    transform: rotate3d(1, 1, 1, .01deg);

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