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  1. Sorry for the late response Jack been a very busy week. Your timing is perfect and I will be able to use smoothscroller for my product. Thank you all for the amazing support and follow up!.
  2. Thanks Jack I can confirm it is working on IOS, tested android in browser stack Select is getting focus but drop down is not opening inputs behave as expected.
  3. My bad Jack I did use the beta of scroll smoother but didn't use the beta of scroll trigger. Will try immediately. Question will I be able to download these beta for use on my current project?.
  4. Ok after testing the script issue remains, inputs and select are unable to gain focus on mobile devices. Labels do work transferring focus to the associated input, but do not trigger the open action for the drop down. Tested by downloading the minified file of the beta and importing it at the top of JS file instead of using the node_modules import.
  5. Thanks Jack will do and give you feedback!. I appreciate all your help.
  6. Thank you guys for the support, if you find any work around please let me now... I can turn off the scroll smoother on phones but personally love what you did to normalize the screen size.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, got complicated with some health issues. I stand corrected regarding scrolltrigger.refresh() adjusting height of smoothscroller content. However it didn't get triggered after creating the scroll trigger instances for the media query. After triggering it directly it fixed the issue. However I have another issue, the touch event on the scroll smoother wrapper on mobile devices, prevents the events to reach the inputs and selects on the form, at the moment I have no way of opening the drop down menu. Any help is appreciated https://codepen.io/riccardodev/pen/YzYYYQB
  8. Sure thing, will try to replicate the issue tonight. Also noticed an issue with the touch event on the wrapper affecting inputs to gain focus on touch. Hope to have them both by tomorrow
  9. Hi folks and thanks for the awesome help here as always!. Turns out I initialized SmoothScroller too soon, scroll trigger refresh didn't resolve the issue about the size of content element of smoothScroller. Moved smoothScroller initialization to window.load event and issue got fixed.
  10. Hi I have an scroll trigger pinned that im creating after the SmoothScroller For some reason it isn't updating the content height after the pin spacer is added to the DOM. Any way to trigger it?
  11. Thanks lets see if we can get more info about it.
  12. Thanks for the reply sir, yes in fact that what i find odd the whitespace pre-line is present
  13. Hi everyone I have some text that comes from i18n and has \n to break the text in different lines. When using split text it is all appearing in a single line. Any work around would be kindly appreciated
  14. Hi folks I have a box that i want the user to drag and go back to start position on release, something like if attached by a rubber. How can i get around it with draggable?