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  1. @akapowl now the only problem is that it isn't scrolling in mobile devices https://locomotive-boilerplate.vercel.app
  2. I am facing difficulties on integrating the way you able to achieve the locomotive scroll to my project codesandbox link: https://codesandbox.io/s/little-morning-4i2vb?file=/index.html
  3. Hello Everyone, Hope you guys having a great day. So, here i am trying to achieve pin scrolling form left to right and right to left achieved nicely by @akapowl using locomotive scroll and how to make horizontal scroll section to display vertical on mobile and display horizontally at tab and desktop. and if i want to achieve horizontal scroll at mobile then this will be kind of bad for user experience as it will cause problem to scroll. https://codepen.io/akapowl/pen/8a383f202ba53d6b11cc83da39b6f5b5 I want to achieve left to right in second section and want to make them display vertical on mobile coz its overlapping
  4. thanks for replying sir, idk y codepen is down 😔 ... here is link https://codesandbox.io/s/circulartexteffect-95y37 for the codesandbox. though i not want its enter animation or its fading animation when we click enter. i just want to get a animation where it moves when we hover onto the button in that codrops example. so like here i want to achieve with the image where i hover the image and it adap animation like its there
  5. HI i am trying to integrate this svg animation into my code like whenever i hover to the image it should animate like its animating there. so the problem with the code is that it isn't working I mean it not animate at first it not even showing until i comment this I wanted to explain using codepen but it is down rn dk the reason y https://github.com/whizzbbig/test2/tree/main here's a repo Article on Codrops
  6. Thankyou sir, I really wanted that kind of explanation to get what working there. I am really very very grateful to you sir from the heart 🙂 I want to learn from you and the peoples out there who make eye catching surreals and help to the upcoming generation thankyou sir for doing somuch for me 🙏
  7. I feel so embarrass by asking silly questions the truth is that i am learning :c gsap by petr tichy and not completed with the basics but here in this project i tried to https://codepen.io/raj-shukla/pen/ExXVxGW?editors=0010 integrate this svg to the preloader it not seems to work here sorry for disturbing again and again ;_; you helped me already that i am in debt
  8. https://codepen.io/raj-shukla/pen/ExXVxGW?editors=0010 i am stucked with the morphSVGPlugin like how i can able to make it work in the project. edit: going to start working with the starter files tho https://codepen.io/raj-shukla/pen/BaZoage?editors=0010 not working ; ;
  9. Hi, sir thankyou for helping me again. I checked for that shape effect and he is using canvas webgl to achieve that kind of effect but I'll try to do with the MorphSVGPlugin nomatter how much i am new to GSAP I'll try to make it work. thanks again sir for helping me out
  10. Hi, I am very new to gsap and trying to make a preloader transition to the page. but, I've never made any transition before not know how to make it. I wanted to achieve the transition achieved in this website. https://adrienlaurent.fr/. and also if i get some advices and some tips on how to make your own custom page transition using gsap would be appreciated 🙏 this pen has the preloader and some images i want to have a preloader transition to the page like the way it is in the website i mentioned above i not know the way i can achieve it
  11. so so thankyou sir, thankyou somuch for helping me 🤎
  12. hello, I am using codrops demo Codrops/draggable-image-strip and integrated to my project however i also using gsap.min.js for locomotive scroll, and as this demo uses tweenmax so it kindof breaks this demo, but when i comment out the cdn of gsap.min.js ( that i integrated in html ) it solves the whole issue.Anyways i went to the guide to migrate from tweenmax to gsap 3 and the things which i understand i manage to migrate and all things got work :) but only the thing wasn't worked is checkTheVideoInReadMe and this also isn't working when i haven't commented gsap.min.js, and when i comment it it works :) please help me to work this thing pullrequest or guide me i am hungry learner i ll be the student of you to learn from you and master gsap i do love animations but i am too noob to use gsap ;_; imagestrip.js