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  1. this the code : https://codepen.io/Louispop/pen/JjNgMyG Look at Markers. Change tab and come back to see that the markers change position.
  2. This the test page I made, Look at the scroll trigger markers and how they refresh their positions when you click on another Tab and then back to page https://ado.agency/testphonepage2/. I also tried to show this in the GIF above.
  3. Every time I leave the page the position of the "Start and End trigger" refresh and change position according to Viewport I guess... Can this be changed so that it stays in the same position?
  4. if the Viewport is bigger, then the "animtion1" element won’t disappear from screen. Can I for example use a percent sign like this ( X: -100%) this is my code bellow gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); gsap.to(".animation1", { x: -860, duration: 12, scrollTrigger: { pin: true, trigger: ".animation1", markers: { startColor: "blue", endColor: "purple", fontSize: "1rem", }, start: "100% center", end: "200% 30%", scrub: 2 } });