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  1. When text starts with <br> (could have empty spaces or &nbsp; before hand) and text is split by lines, error is thrown: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined
  2. powtoon


    After publishing from adobe animate you get the JS library implementing the SVGAnim class in the output. Attached a sample animation generated by Adobe Animate CC with the SnapSVG-Animator plugin. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this! snap_svg_sample_output.zip
  3. powtoon


    Sure. Publishing a SnapSVG-Animator document from Adobe Animate gives you a javascript object (SVGAnim) with an interface similar to a flash movieclip, with play(), stop() etc methods that control the playback of the animation created in the Authoring tool. The graphics are, like the name suggests, stored as data and at playback time converted to SVG graphics in the browser. A really powerful situation would be when a GS tween could wrap such an object and allow integrating it via a tween into a GS timeline, controlling the SVGAnim, such that scrubbing through the GS timeline would control the timeline of the SVGAnim object.
  4. powtoon


    Hi, is snap.svg is still on your road map? Currently SnapSVGAnimator appears to be the best option for exporting animated objects, say characters and props, from Adobe Animate CC. We would love to combine your familiar API and amazing tweening engine with the obvious benefit of a streamlined Adobe Animate workflow. I my opinion allowing to use character animations created with Adobe Animate and SnapSVGAnimator, but allowing to control the timeline via your platform will be a killer feature! it has the potential to become the movieclip (for whoever knows flash still) replacement!
  5. Hi, i am sequencing timelines on a master timeline which tween graphic objects (UIComponents) in a flex application. sometimes i want to move a child timeline on the master timeline, so instead of say at second 5 it will start at second 8. so i do something like this: private var master:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); private var child1:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); //add tweens to child1 private var child2:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); // add tweens to child2, fading in and out objects. master.insert(child1, 0); master.insert(child2, 5); //some function calls: master.play(); //and another this: master.stop(); master.remove(child2); master.insert(child2, 8); // and again another function calls: master.gotoAndPlay(0); after i remove and re-add the timeline, the objects tweened by the second timeline are not visible any more. i can see in the debugger that they still exist but they seem to being set to visible false or something like that... any ideas highly appreciated. thanks, Sven
  6. Hi, We're a startup company using the greensock framework for text effects in our application. We would like to outsource the development of a few text effects based on the SplitTextField to an experienced as3/flash/flex developer. Anyone interested? Please contact me at sven AT powtoon.com. Thanks and best regards, Sven Hoffmann