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    Scaling images in IE7/8

    Hey Rodrigo, thanks for the tip. I changed the images holders from <a href=""> to <div> and its working now over IE7, not IE8. I'm considering seriously deactivating zoom stuff when IE8.
  2. Fer

    Scaling images in IE7/8

    Rodrigo, yep, I've read that post before posting, the initial css wrapper size is the "natural size" and position is set to absolute. Nothing changed.
  3. Hi, I'm having troubles when resizing images inside a div on IE7/8, working fine on other browsers. I've got a wrapper div with a background and containing several images, you can zoom the wrapper and all the images inside will scale accordingly. Well, this zoom effect when in IE7/8 is not working properly, when I zoom the wrapper the content is not scaling (always 100%) but the background is zooming in and out correctly. This is the structure: <div id="wrapper"> <a href="">image1</div> <a href="">image2</div> <a href="">image3</div> ... </div> Thanks in advance.