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    Floating Animation

    That seems to work perfectly, thanks!
  2. bencik

    Floating Animation

    That only seems to work if I set a short time (< 3 sec). If I set longer time (probably one that is longer than const randomTime) then it just keeps floating indefinitely and won't stop the animation.
  3. bencik

    Floating Animation

    Is there a way to stop the floating animation after 20 sec? I tried using gsap.delayedCall but I'm not really sure where to place it and it's not working...
  4. Hey guys, I used to use Photoshop to design and try different layouts and it work just fine for static banners, but for animated banner it seems rather tedious as I have to export all the assets and recreate the whole banner and lay out all the assets again in html... So I was wondering if there is a better workflow for designing and prototyping banners – maybe using Figma instead of Photoshop and exporting the banners in html and then just applying the gsap animations by hand? Or maybe some WYSIWYG editor to speed up the whole process rather than coding all the different css positions for all the banner sizes by hand? Could you share your workflow and apps that you use?