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  1. Hi, Jack! As usual GS is as fas, as GSAP! Attached GSAP preview 1.11.1 resolves described earlier problem! 1.10.3 and 1.11.1 preview - it's ok, 1.11.0 - doesn't work. Please note, this error occurred not only in callback which invokes timeline seek at the end of the animation / timeline. The same behaviour was when after callback was some more animation sequence at timeline. As for 3D. It's strange, but I don't see differences any more - all versions rotate in the same way - probably it was some of the debug code which interrupted timeline sequence when I was isolating problem. Site I'm working on is in developing state and it's rather one page / one animation preview than site. I'll keep an eye on 3D, we have on schedule port from Flash AS GSAP to JS some more advanced animations examples from our portfolio as a proof of concept. Thanks for help, Radek
  2. Hi GreenSock! After update of GSAP from 1.10.3 to 1.11.0 my animation stopped working properly. I lost a lot of time identifying why manually looped timeline loops only once, and second loop is not working. While I was developing animation I was thinking, it was my fault, but when I checked my website which worked yesterday and today I see the same issues, I realised, that it was 1.11.0 update change causing problems (I used latest cdn sources). So where lies the problem? I have main TimelineMax instance tl which is not looped. After initial animation I add label "slide-01-loop" and at the end of loop sequence I call callback function which seeks timeline to that loop label. tl = new TimelineMax(); .. // some initial transitions tl.add('slide-01').add('slide-01-transitionIn') ... // main loop for slide 01 (for now it's the only one slide tl.add('slide-01-loop','-=0.0') ... // animations for slide 01 ... // at the end of slide 01 I add callback function which loops to label "slide-01-loop" tl.addCallback(tlSeek,'+=0.1',[tl,'slide-01-loop']); // -------------------------------- // callback function is defined below function tlSeek(whichTL,where2go) { whichTL.play(where2go); } In GSAP 1.11.0 tlSeek function is played only once, after the first loop, but when animation plays timeline second time, then this callback is not invoked any more, so my animation stops, or if it was some more animation sequences after that callback, then this part of timeline is invoked. I see in release notes: http://www.greensock.com/update-2013-10/ some notes which may be responsible for this change: I report this issue. Is it my misunderstanding of callbacks, or it is a bug? The minimised animation is visible on http://www.madmultimedia.pl #top-a banner - I changed back to 1.10.3 version of TimelineMax.min.js - so it is working now, but if you change script to 1.11.0 then problem start to occur. Another change, which I observed is different transform3d behaviour, something, which was rotated in 3d has different slightly rotation angles in updated GSAP. Best regards for my beloved AS/JS tween engine creators! Radek