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  1. Mamorukun's post in Unable to make GSDevTools work on an iframe was marked as the answer   
    Aaaaand I have it working ! I used a code found in another post:
    let activeDecliIFrame = document.querySelector('#activeDecli'); var timeline = gsap.timeline({ id: "masterTimeline" }); var tl1 = gsap.timeline({ id: "timeline1" }); var contentWindow = activeDecliIFrame.contentWindow; var tl = contentWindow.childTL; tl.pause(0); tl1.to(tl, { totalProgress: 1, duration: tl.totalDuration() }) timeline.add(tl1); GSDevTools.create({ container: '#GSDevToolsContainer', animation: timeline, globalSync: false }); I don't have a clue (yet) on why this code works and mine not, but god I am happy (I spent more than six hours on this one !). Thank you for your help anyway, it helped me understand a little better what's going on