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  1. Hi, I'm trying to do something like this in a page. Actually on the codepen everything work, but on actual full page using juste html css and javascript, when I passed to mobile overview scrolltrigger doesn't seems to work
  2. Yea fore sure : https://codepen.io/beatlesbob/pen/eYWMrEW. To replicate my issue, just put an markers : true and it will scroll again
  3. I'm really sorry for my English, I wanted to say that when I pass the markers to : true, I could scroll again in the different sections. And section.clientHeight return me the current height of my section
  4. Hi @Cassie thank you very much for your reply, I'm sur it will help now or later. I'm actually struggling on even more basic thing since I'm discovering Gsap. Like in the codepen sample when I remove markers nothing happen it's like markers unlock the scroll. To do the expect effect i was using like Intersection observer but I'm sur we can know current section using only Gsap witch I'm sure it's more relevant.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make an horizontal scroll, that I understand. I'm not very good at math and logic but I want to make like when u scroll the scale of the section goes .5 then back to normal. I have seen plenty of exemple but i cannot figure what logic is behind. Sorry for my english.