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  1. Thank you all, that's exactly what i needed. Have a nice day.
  2. Hello everybody, I would like to make an action on each post of a blog when they enter the viewport. i did the following, but the event is fired on all elements with the .blog-item class, i would like to be fired only when each blog-item element enter the viewport, could it be possible to pass something like "this" in jQuery from the ScrollTrigger? Thanks all. let articles = gsap.utils.toArray($(".blog-item > *")); ScrollTrigger.create({ start: "bottom bottom", trigger: ".blog-item", onEnter: articleApparition }); function articleApparition() { let init= 1; articles.forEach(function(section){ let delais = init * 0.7; gsap.to(section, { opacity:1, duration:2, delay: delais, ease:"power1.out" }); init++ }); }