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  1. Trying to use it to better performance as it suggests, nothing is trying to change style-wise.
  2. Figured out the easing by editing the .to properties, now I'm trying to wrap my head around converting the clip path update to use quickSetter. Any suggestions? Still very new to gsap land. https://codepen.io/gweatherson/pen/zYweRGy
  3. Wow @akapowl, thank you! This is massively helpful. I'll dig more into quickSetter and some easing capabilities, but this is a wonderful foundation. Appreciate it!
  4. Brand new to gsap, bear with me please. I'm looking to update the green container width to 100% the further in on mouse move a user gets. Instead of every child scaling and warping I'd like it to "reveal" on mouse move and reset as it is. Hope this makes sense. Inspiration: https://theendless.co