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  1. I'm a wordpress developer, but have never used GSAP. I have a project where I'd love to replicate an effect I found on a different website. Effect: Website Here - Hero image carousel / slider that includes a cursor animation that reveals a portion of the next image in the carousel. When clicked, a nice animation transition that reveals all of the next image. Ability to click previous and next, and for cursor to partially reveal both previous and next image depending on if cursor is on left or right side of screen. Basically do exactly what we see in the website linked The smoothness of the animation, and small details are beautiful and I'd like something to look and work as polished as the example provided. We'll be in active development very shortly. Ideally, I'd like a solution by mid-August, but need to know it's doable ASAP. I need someone to jump in and help with the development of this piece, OR package an extensive example and help walk me through installation and customization. I'm a savvy front-end wordpress developer, but I don't have the bandwidth at the moment to learn GSAP and develop this from the ground up. I can be reached via email at dev@briandodson.me to discuss details!