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  1. I want to be able to have two scrolltriggers interacting with each other. One with sticky background with images ST1 and videos and the other ST2 just normal scrolltrigger with a bunch of text sections. ST2 should have 4, 5 different sections each sections will have a few paragraphs each will be apart from each other with the viewarea height. ST1 also have 4, 5 different section each with either images or videos. At the start you will see the 1st section of ST2 in front and 1st section of ST1 as a background. When scrolling from section1 to section 2 in ST2 the background of should be swap with section 2 of ST1. Ultimately the background is lazy-loaded so there is not flicking as the background is swapped. I will be nice this can be achieved using one scrolltrigger instance. I've created something similar with jquery waypoints but like to develop using scrolltrigger. https://tentreem.mywhc.ca/test/forest-types2.html
  2. I am using scrolltrigger to pin videos in full-width while scrolling the content exists in the same parent div. It seems very easy thing to do compare with all fancy animation out there but is it possible? https://codepen.io/shinyatentree/pen/Vwbzxve