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Zync last won the day on December 26 2012

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Zync last won the day on December 26 2012

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  1. hey ya mate. Not sure if this is too late. But you can try tunnelling up from your child swf. trace(this.parent) trace(this.parent.parent) trace(this.parent.parent.parent) See what hits. Also try adding Monster Debugger to your child swf and run the companion app to see what it outputs. Might be easier than blind tracing. http://demonsters.nl/nl/projects/monsterdebugger/
  2. How do you integrate Greensock with Edge Animate? I like the edge timeline but I just find greensock much more flexible for making changes quickly, like changing the timing of everything is a lifesaver, I'll never go back to timeline just for that feature alone.
  3. Hi Joe_midi, No I haven't really heard or tried Google Web Designer much. If it does what you say and just creates css with html and does the css for you that would be amazing. How does it fare with video? Will definitely look into that now.
  4. Hi Somnamblst, I've tried Adobe Edge before but the way it selects elements seems really obscure to me. Wish I could use it just for layout and then animate with greensock. Is that possible without including the Edge bloat scripts? I'm actually using Flash still and the Canvas document to make ads at the moment. And while it's working well for layout, just wondering if there was a quicker way out there. It's great for positioning things quickly and then having all your movieclips accessible with exportRoot. Theres a little bit of refactoring, stitching it up with a network like Sizmek
  5. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any good tips or know of any good apps either online or offline that can help with the layout of webbanners which can them be palmed off to animating with greensock. Flash did a great job with layout and then animating with greensock in a sweet little package but times are changing. Just wondering what people use to layout their banners with now?
  6. YOu can do this somewhat at dev time, not at runtime as far as I'm aware of though. Save this into a JSFL file, and do a run command from within flash with a shape selected. Your milage may vary but it should get you the points of an object. var vertices = fl.getDocumentDOM().selection[0].vertices; //getting the points and trace them for(var i = 0; i < vertices.length; ++i) { fl.trace(vertices[i].x + "," + vertices[i].y); }
  7. Hey mate, Directly loading a PDF is not possible in Flash for a multitude of reasons. There are some other options however if you only working with Flash. PDF2SWF: http://www.swftools.org/ Converts a PDF document to SWF pages which you can use in oyur app. Havn't tried this one personally but you might get some milage out of it. If however you are using Adobe AIR, you can load your PDF into a HTML Container and then assuming the system that is running your app has adobe reader installed. It should render the PDF. var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("mydoc.pdf"); pdf = ne
  8. Dang it, bet me to it while I was typing Jack:P
  9. Hey mate, Something like this should work for you: public class Main extends MovieClip { private var lm:LoaderMax; public function Main():void { //Setup Loadermax instance and set a onChildComplete event for when a lm = new LoaderMax( { onChildComplete:childDone } ) //Add files to Loadermax Queue lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile1.swf", { container:this } )); lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile2.swf", { container:this } )); lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile3.swf", { container:this } )); lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile4.swf", { container:this } )); //O
  10. Yeah best pipeline I've found using Adobe Creative Cloud is to render the video from Flash CC (even if it's scripted, it works well now and they updated Flash CS6 to do the same) then bring the video into Adobe Media Encoder CC and select Animated Gif from the presets. Crop, cut and edit and render from there.
  11. Just kidding, we're going to need to see some actual code to help you diagnose the problem not just the error output
  12. Hey ya mate, Theres ya problem: undefined
  13. G'day mate, There might be an easier way but this should work for you: import com.greensock.TweenLite; var f:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); //Change the letterspacing TweenLite.to(f,5,{letterSpacing:6, onUpdate:applyKern}) //Dont forget to apply the kern on update function applyKern() { myTextField.setTextFormat(f); } kernIt.zip
  14. Hey ya mate, Don't really need Timeline Max for this. This should work for you too. import com.greensock.TweenLite; moveIt() function moveIt() { TweenLite.to(box1,1,{rotation:"+=15"}) TweenLite.to(box2,1,{rotation:"-=15", delay:1, onComplete:function(){moveIt()}}) } rotate.zip
  15. Don't know where else to put this post (Learning materials forums maybe, if we had one?) But thank you guys! Just checked my email this morning and wanted to say a huge Kudos for listening to the feedback and making the seminar your doing in New York available online for us all. If you got no idea what I'm talking about, today Greensock email : Upcoming events Our very own Carl Schooff will be leading a free 2-hour seminar about GSAP in NYC on January 28. Due to popular demand, he'll also be doing a similar presentation online (for those who simply can't make it to NYC) Fe