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  1. Jack, 1. Thank you so much. This is indeed what I needed to learn how to do. Things are now clearer. 2. Should I use the duration if I want to extend the amount of scrolling necessary to display each panel or is there a better option? I appreciate your time.
  2. Hello. First time asking for help but not the first time working with GSAP, however, I am stumped (and stuck). Here's the idea: I have a page that has multiple sections. Each section has content to the left and to the right a figure and then a panel container (display:none) with slides inside. When the user scrolls to each section, it should pin and then fade out the figure and then fade-in the panel container and once in view, scroll each slide vertically (each section can have variable number of panels, slides are 100% height of the container). When all the slides are scrolled, unpin and continue with normal scroll. I got the part that fades out the figure, but I don't know how to sequence so the panel container animation happens after the figure animation has finished and then how to animate the slides vertical scroll. In the example, the figure's animation work, but when I add the panel container timeline, it breaks everything Thank you in advance.