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  1. Wow! thank you, works amazingly. And thanks the schooling there's always some much to still to learn!! RD
  2. Hello!! thanks for getting back to me about this, yes the goal to STOP the auto-play functionality after a certain amount of iterations. Can this be done? Thanks RD
  3. Hello @PointC, thanks for sharing!! i have been playing around with this carousel and its great, but there seems to be a problem. This part of the code doesn't respect the 'repeat' property for some reason. var animation = gsap.to(slides, { xPercent: "+=" + (numSlides * 100), duration: 1, ease: "none", paused: true, repeat: -1, modifiers: { xPercent: wrap } }); if i change the 'repeat' to say '1' it keeps looping and doesn't stop. just wondered if there was something i was missing Thanks RD