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  1. Toso

    CodeSandbox Challenges 🏆

    tn tara ra , Space-X created with flip plugin a great plugin yet so tricky he was working against me i think hahaha Sandbox : https://m3yegl.csb.app/ Github ( in case u find a problem with responsive mode in sandbox ) : https://toosoo.github.io/Space-X/
  2. Toso

    CodeSandbox Challenges 🏆

    ( What if ! ) The last week's demo but re-created it with SVG draw plugin and removed scroll trigger desktop & laptop users : https://kz0ex6.csb.app/ for mobile users ( cuz the responsive mode looks so different in parcel sandbox ) : https://codesandbox.io/s/what-if-kz0ex6 ************************* ( Harry potter ) This week's demo https://36u0if.csb.app/ *********************** problem with sandbox = refresh post more svg challenges i love it ❤️
  3. Toso

    CodeSandbox Challenges 🏆

    @Cassie tysm , i didn't know i can re-enter my demo more than once , i already start drawing another svg. so can i post the 2 demos for this week's challenge , or only 1 demo allowed ?
  4. Toso

    CodeSandbox Challenges 🏆

    wish i had more time to make it more mobile friendly https://bjluos.csb.app/