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  1. Thanks a lot! @OSUblake, I'm going to try your solution by just modyfing three js in your example to see if maybe it's an issue of the shader I wrote, add some animations and get back with results That's not it, I've tried it and no changes. But thanks for reminding me, that's the first thing I'll check after I'll do the updates
  2. Hey OSUblake, I'll try to rewrite my issue as I might cause some confusion: I'm trying to get the custom scroll from my codepen to work with scrolltrigger. If I don't specify the scroller with scrollerProxy (and "scroller:" in gsap animation code), the start and end values don't exactly match (they almost match from what I can see) and whole website gets choppy and framrate drops a lot. The problem is I don't know what values I should put in the scrollerProxy code to get it work with that specific custom scroll code. I hope it's more clear now
  3. Thanks for replies guys. The problem is that if I use other custom scroll, I don't know how to translate the scroll position of the images to the position of meshes in webgl canvas (with the code in my example I know) and it starts to be an issue with threejs, which this forum is not about. I just thought there would be an easy way of configuring scrollerproxy with this custom scroll. I guess I'll try either with your method or locomotive and try to do it the other way
  4. Thanks for the reply @iDad5 Yes, I'm not using it here, since I have only problem with connecting the scrolltrigger with this custom scroll. Gsap and scrolltrigger works well with three.js - I tested it already before. I wish I could do that...it's just that if you're tracking the div position in html to translate it to position in webgl canvas, there's some issue with rendering which results in bad scrolling experience (things are not 'synced') and the only solution is to use some kind of scrolljacking and the guy who made the course recomennded his custom scroll code. So no, I can't get rid of it unfortunately
  5. Hey all! First of all, I am designer learning some dev style fighting and I am amazed how many possibilities gsap gives, I was a guy with job related mid-life crisis and gsap allowed me to find enjoyment and excitement, just as 15 years ago when I was just starting my design journey Thanks to everyone that participated and contributed to GSAP! I decided to fight with my portfolio as this was perfect opportunity to practice coding and GSAP animations. My issue is - I've been learning three-js with one of the courses available in the net there and wanted to use it when building my portfolio. There's a part in the course when the author shares his custom scroll code (which is needed to sync positions of meshes in webgl canvas with html divs). Now the hard part I've been fighting with for over a week now: I want to use gsap and scrolltrigger to animate stuff and I can't get this custom scroll to work with scrolltrigger - if I don't specify the scroller proxy it gets all choppy and framrate drops low and when I put scroller proxy the whole structure doesn't work. I've been trying putting different values/names in scroller proxy as part of trial & error, but nothing seems to work Before I wasn't using threejs I was using locomotive scroll and I figured out how to pair it with scrolltrigger pretty easily. But in this instance, I am kind of forced to use this custom scroll code. I attach codepen (image not related ) with one note - somehow the scroll doesn't work in the codepen, but it works on my localhost. Hope I explained everyhthing well enough.