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  1. Thank you @nicofonseca, that's a subtlety I didn't know yet. It makes sense and works perfectly now !
  2. Hi there ! I'm testing out different border animation cases, and I just figured out a strange behaviour I can't get rid of. Without animation, my main #box is in foreground, and its child element :after is behind thanks to the z-index set to -1 (that's all the trick in this border animation technique) But at the moment I add a gsap.from() to my #box, it gets behind the :after element. Is there something I'm doing wrong, do you know any workaround ? Edit : same behaviour occurs with gsap.to(). It seems that the transform: translate(0px) gsap adds to style is part of the issue. Thank you in advance !
  3. Well that makes sense 😄 I used the basic example and didn't notice there was the onEnter event. Thanks for the tip, it's working as expected now !
  4. Hi everyone ! I'm a beginner to GSAP and I wish I had know this masterpiece years ago (congrats to the team). I'm testing out the various plugins and I'm currently having a weird behaviour while using both TextPlugin and ScrollTrigger. My goal is to have a text that got typed when it's container heads up in the viewport (using ScrollTrigger) and keeps going until entire text is written. My ScrollTrigger seems to be working fine, but at the second I'm scrolling the text out of the view port, the animation stops (and I don't want this). Codepen instructions for testing : 1. Scroll to the text div, text starts to get animated. 2. Scroll down until text div goes out of viewport. 3. Scroll back to text div, it stucks a second or more and then updates the animation. I suppose this is a misusage of the libs, but as a beginner any insight is highly valuable for me. Thanks for your time !