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  1. Jack, Thank you, both solutions work fine. I was thinking that the "tl.pause();" was just appended to the timeline. I obviously need to do some more reading of the JS doc. You have the patience of a saint... Great products, keep up the good work. Best, David
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply to my question. I wanted the timeline to pause after the first two tweens and before the last one. Just as In the sequence that it appears. I planned to insert a button to call the "tl.play();" command after the pause. But it seems as though "tl.pause();" pauses the timeline at the beginning instead of after the first two tweens. Best, David
  3. Hello, I'm a fairly experienced Greensock user (AS3) making the transition to the GSAP (JS) version. I'm working up a simple animation using TweenMax in the latest Edge Animation application. The code below is working fine until I try to pause the timeline. When I uncomment the pause command the animation will not play, comment it out and it plays fine. Am I missing something simple here? var tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.to(c3b1, .35, {opacity:0.0}, 1.5); tl.staggerTo([c1b1, c1b2, c1b3, c1b4, c2b1, c3b1, c3b2], .35, {opacity:1.0 , scale:1}, 0); //tl.pause(); tl.to(c3b2, .35, {x:680}, 2.5); Thanks for any insight you can offer. David