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  1. Thank you so much! that position parameter is exactly what I needed to sync them
  2. Hello! Im making a website with a section that has to pin on scroll and while scrolling different sized circles will be appearing, I got that working right on the website but Im having trouble trying to update text every time a new circle appears. What I thought would be a good solution was using the onComplete callback for each circle to write a function that updates the text but the callbacks are triggered a little while later when the next circle is already visible and I think will be confusing for the users. So I was wondering if there was a way to use the same trigger for two different lists, one with the circles and another one with different texts and update the same element just changing the text, I think doing it that way, if possible, could also add the ability to animate the text also, but I havent been able to achieve it yet. also the container is not pinning in the demo although its working on my website with the same code (also I added the blank circle div so the third circle could last a little while more in the view).