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  1. so it is just basically scaling the image down the scale? How about the pin and then unpin of the center image? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. I have found this very amazing image gallery and I come up with the idea to create a scroll gallery myself too. However, I seems dont quite understand what it is doing and how does the whole thing work out. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. Playing with start and end seems to be not working well on different screen size. I have updated the codepen and it is working now. Anyway thx for all the help :D!
  4. I have updated my above codepen a bit. Using pin is surely doing the effect i want to achieve. However, as in my codepen, how do I calculate the distance so that the title text touch the line? I am not quite sure about how to achieve the effect as in https://www.signalworksarchitecture.com/ .
  5. wow :0. Never thought that it would be that simple to achieve the effect. Thx!
  6. Hi guys. Recently I have seen a very impressive text title animation from a couple of websites. I was trying to copy the idea and us it on my own website. However I failed to achieve the effect after some trails. My final result is hoping to be similar to the following example (https://www.signalworksarchitecture.com/ and https://outofthevalley.co.uk/our-story/). Is it done by moving the title element a proportional or a fixed distance according to the layout? Thank you :).
  7. So it seems that I need to reinitailize and kill scrolltriggers when entering and leaving every single page. Thanks for your advice and I will make sure I will include a demo codepen next time :). Btw is it possible to do page transition with only gsap? I dont know if there is any way to do so wothout using some kind of library.
  8. Hi guys I am new to Greensock and recently I have created a template website using both gsap and barba js. The full code can be found in https://github.com/kitsonchan/template_architecture and you can also view the website directly here https://kitsonchan.github.io/template_architecture/. So now the problem that I have been struggling with is the timeline that was using scrolltrigger. In both of my page Ihave a timeline called tlStage1 and tlStage2. The tlStage1 works completely fine at all conditions but I don't know why tlStage2 only works when you refresh the page. I am not sure if the issue is related to barba js lol so i decide to ask here. Thanks!