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  1. Thank you much @OSUblake the link was just a sample to explain my bug. Found out it's not an issue from my end but a React 18 issue which you had addressed on some other thread. Just saw the workarounds and decided to roll back to 17. Thank you so much once again
  2. Hi @OSUblake please I'm currently playing around with a NEXT JS codebase but even with the Isomorphic layout, the .from keeps tweaking. It plays the returns to the original position
  3. I'm trying to perform some simple animations but can't get them up and running on NEXT JS. Please is there anything I seem to be doing wrong https://codesandbox.io/s/relaxed-brahmagupta-kdz9iu?file=/pages/index.js
  4. I don't have a codepen for this as it's a landing page I am trying to build for a client but I have an animation that is being triggered by Scroll Trigger and it works perfectly but the children that are being staggered doesn't complete for some weird reason. It might complete on first load then skip the last child on the second load or vice versa. It's not a stable bug so I can't easily replicate it. It's a Next Js application for context