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  1. thank you for your help now i sorted with another code you can check it thank you so much, i will let you know if something else
  2. i just update my demo, for now i need to speed up bedraggle
  3. question is how can i use that solution into my code
  4. no, because this is slider base and my demo is scollbase with multi images, by the way i found one example here, but im not understanding that code. so can you help me set that code into my demo code https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/YzqjGQW
  5. hello guys im new into scrolltrigger and i have done some horizontal scroll, but i need to enable with touch scroll
  6. renny

    Simple Animation

    go on my code last 2 section 1. Connect through Uniby. By students for students. 2. King’s College London this both are overlap. So can you check my code and let me know what wrong on there
  7. renny

    Simple Animation

    i just update code, can you help on fix that issue on last section overlap
  8. renny

    Simple Animation

    it's zoom image, i need to scale image from left and right
  9. renny

    Simple Animation

    thank you for this help also how to expand image on scroll like into provided video (two lady image)
  10. renny

    Simple Animation

    just go on (Activities for any interests.) section and i need to make as from video link, i have add some code but not get result as per video
  11. renny

    Simple Animation

    https://principle.app/share?id=4o9kHrg46mkZpPNWctWR this is animation detail i need help into (Activities for any interests.) section and horizantal slider part
  12. thanks can you also send me example of horizantal slider as per my video ?
  13. can you show me one example ?
  14. yes i checked it not not found right example
  15. i got it that also how can i image move with scroll like i show on that video