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  1. Found the issue... Was me just being blind and going to fast with auto complete!! I started to create a public git repo for the github forums, built all from scratch and found it worked... Done a little visual compare on files and found auto complete inserted type="module" Into the script tag... Can't believe I missed that... It's always the smallest of things that get you...
  2. Na old school ES5... Thanks for the try though. I did try it but it does need the ES5 file.
  3. Ye, thought it might be, not sure what has changed, I'msure I was using this fine a month or 2 ago.. I tried v3.0.0 but terser still messes it up. https://github.com/duan602728596/gulp-terser/issues/21
  4. Hi, I seem to have an issue when trying to use gulp to concat and minify gsap, error reads: libs.js:4 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property window of #<Window> which has only a getter So I created a new folder and setup the following: 1. CMD: npm init -y 2. CMD: npm i -S gsap gulp gulp-contact gulp-terser gulp-rename 3. Create gulpfile.js let jsFiles = [ "./node_modules/gsap/dist/gsap.js", ]; let buildLibsProd = function (done) { gulp.src(jsFiles)
  5. Nice one thanks Interesting I didn't know about "this.targets()" I often do the following when I run into things like this: let animVo = {v:0}; gsap.to(animVo,{duration:10,v:100,onUpdate: updateStyle}); function updateStyle(){ element.style.property = animVo.v; } *I could have/should have inlined the function 😛 But will def, give that onUpdate function a disection and a various tests, thanks for that D
  6. Hi, Anyone got any ideas as to why this doesn't work? CSS version is correct, GSAP is not. z:200 is not doing anything? gsap.to(box1, { duration: 2, x: 200, z: 200, // Not working?? rotationY: 360, backgroundColor: "#000000", color: "#FFFFFF" }); Thanks D
  7. RE: Typo Nope not a type. Sequence would go 0, 359, 358, 357, 356.... 350 Which I guess _SHORT would fix RE: _CCW vs SHORT ah ha! RE: 370 Not sure 370 would be interpretted as 10 in the engine, I would need to test this but I see what you mean, I was just in the 0 to 360 mode I will see if I can get an actual babylonjs rotation pen going and run some tests.
  8. Test run: X: From: 300 To: 10 Required: 300 > 359 > 0 > 10 (snap to 0 for 360) Result: 300 to 370 then instantly goes to 10 Y: From: 200 To: 270 Required: 200 > 270 (standard increment) Result: 200 to -90 then instantly snaps to 270 Z: From 0 to 350 Required: 0 to 359 to 350 Result: increments from 0 to 350 This prevents the flip in effect...
  9. Not quite, but does show me how to make a plugin! Thanks https://codepen.io/Starglider/pen/yLLREMd
  10. Ah, ok will do an inertia kind of calc for now then, but I will def look into how to make a plugin for v3. Thanks for info and thelp guys
  11. Explanation: The vars in the code I pasted in my last post: newRotXDif, newRotYDif, newRotZDif,, newRotDif will all be NAN due to string appended to number from the Tween concatinating + "_short" So before the tween the Vector3 which is an object of x,y,z have floats for x, y and z. As soon as the tween executes those values turn into strings and thus the math calculations on those are broken resulting in NAN. Not to mention any vector3's touched by the tween or these variables affects will no longer do anything as they are now type string and not number and thus result
  12. Way too much work to get this to work in codepen and jsfiddle etc, but suffice to say, it's a BabylonJS WebGL scene, this is the lookAt handler I wrote: this.oldRot = this.item.rotation.clone(); this.oldPos = this.item.position.clone(); let lookAtTarget = this.gallery.camera.position.clone(); lookAtTarget.y = lookAtTarget.y * 0.5; this.item.lookAt(lookAtTarget); this.newRot = this.item.rotation.clone(); this.newPos = this.item.position.clone(); this.newRotXDif = Math.abs(Math.abs(this.oldRot.x) - Math.abs(this.newRot.x)); this.newRotYDif = Math.abs(Math.abs(Math.abs(this.oldRot.y
  13. Thanks for the links Love GSAP been using it since Flash AS2 TweenLite days RE: _short Looks like it's transforming the vector 3 values to: {X: -0.5661_short Y:-0.1878_short Z:0_short} which breaks the engine's ability to use that vector with: gsap.to( this.item.rotation, { duration: 1, x: this.newRot.x + "_short", y: this.newRot.y + "_short", z: this.newRot.z + "_short" } )
  14. Thanks Is there a cheat sheet for migration notes from v2 to v3?
  15. The little things eh Nice 1 thanks... App is compiling again... Applying v3 to the WebGL stuff now.