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    Scrollable overlay

    Hi! I have made a scrollable overlay that transitions to show the page under it. I want the overlay to disappear when scrolled to bottom. I have set it to trigger the animation on start: 'top 1' and it works great. I just can't understand why start: 'top top' doesn't work - is it a bug or is there some logical explanation? Thanks!!
  2. I found this approach useful for animating a modal in, and then when the closing animation completes to revert the modal element to its original state so it can be opened again.
  3. Working now! Thanks! I thought I was going crazy...
  4. Hi, It seems the id's of animations don't show up in the drop down menu... not even on the official demos like the one linked. Could not get it working on my local machine either. Is it broken or am I missing something here? 😅 Thanks.