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  1. Well sir, i am very glad that you thought of it now 😀 I am a really happy tweener today! Thank you!
  2. Hi again, I found a glitch that i cant figure out. If one of the timelines has played, and i fire away the other two fast - they both start to animate. I tried to sequence by just tweening the timeline progress as mentioned, but then i have to wait for the duration to end on the animation that is already inactive, and i had other problems like the tween not "sticking" to progress:0 . I think for sure that i have been given the basics of a solution but i cant make the final code since it to advanced for me. I guess i was looking a for a easy to use control of timeline that is not possible 😌 It would be golden if something like this was appicable with GSAP; function somefunction(){ t2.reverse({timeScale:2, waitForComplete}); t3.reverse({timeScale:2, waitForComplete}); t1.play(); } Best regards
  3. Hi OSUblake! Wow, thank you for quick respons and great result! This really made my day, you are truly a superhero 😃 Now i have some interesting reverse-engineering-code-learning to do, it will raise my bar for sure. Best regards
  4. Hi fellows, I want to control three timelines with three different buttons. I got the easy part done but now i want to be able to; Start the next timeline after the active/playing timeline is fully reversed, or even better, with controlled overlap. Play the reverse part of the timeline in another timeScale without messing with the forward playing timeScale. I know my syntax is pretty stoneage, but that is just the level im at. So either I am hoping there are some basic GSAP commands that i can use in sequence since i dont need to have a clean scaleble code OR if someone can point me in the right direction for a smarter solution so i can be efficient in my learning. Thanks in advance