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  1. Thanks. The example I sent was simplified. In fact, I'm trying to use GSAP with React (using react-gsap package). What I wanted to achieve is to have X timelines with their own tweens. I wanted to control all these timelines with the global one. I wanted to listen the update event on the global timeline to create a progress indicator, pause/stop all sub timelines etc.. So I was thinking about it like this: Global timeline -> Timeline 1 -> Timeline 2 -> ..... But it seems like I understand it wrong. Shoul I insert my own parent timelin
  2. Sorry! I updated the topic. This one is the right one: https://codepen.io/hoper1/pen/mdWZxLg
  3. Hi, I'm trying GSAP for my new project and it's really cool! However, I don't understand how globalTimeline works. See this example: https://codepen.io/hoper1/pen/mdWZxLg In the example, I expect "duration()" to be still same and "progress()" to start from zero when the setTimeout method executes the "add()" method again. But somehow, the the duration is longer (and it's interesting it's not twice long) and progress doesn't start at 0 but somewhere around 0.6. Run the CodePen, see the console output and wait until setTimeout finishes - you'll see it. Thanks