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  1. Thank you so so so soooooooo much Cassie - your solution worked perfectly!!!!! (and with so few lines of code, I'm falling back in love with GSAP)
  2. Will this approach work when there's no tween animations? (I.e. from and to end points)
  3. If it's not possible to have both page scroll and slider controlling the animation, then I'll be more than happy if somebody could help me out with some code to make the slider control the animation. cheers
  4. Hi, No, the slider won't control the scroll position, it should just control to the current frame of the animation. But if the user scrolls when the animation is already at the final frame, it should just scroll the page. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an image sequence that can be played backwards or forwards by scrolling the page up and down. But I also need the sequence to be controllable using a video style progress bar. Using some of the code that I've copied from these forums I've managed to get the image sequence working and I've also managed to create a play bar control with a playhead that can be dragged left and right. But I can't get the playhead to control the current image that is displayed in the image sequence. In the code for the image sequence I specify the number of frames, so I'm assuming I need to divide the length of the progress bar into an equivalent number of 'units' and then advance or rewind the image sequence every time the play head is dragged by one 'unit'.