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  1. Hi, I'm developing a flash application that loads random images as thumbnails from a site. When you click these images, you get a big preview of them. I'm working with debug version 11.2 in Flash Builder, and everything works fine, even in the normal standalone player, but when a friend is trying to load the images with flash player 11.3 (standalone version), he gets a security error 2048. The strange thing is that he gets the issue when he tries to load the thumbnails, BUT he CAN load the preview image without this error. Here's a piece of code: Loading the preview: private funct
  2. Hi, I'm trying to use the dispose() method but it doesn't work like I had expected. I have 3 swf's: "Menu", "Game" and "Container". The last one loads in the first two. But, when I'm done with the menu, I'd like to unload the swf and all the classes I had loaded in it. menu = (LoaderMax.getContent("Menu.swf") as ContentDisplay).rawContent; //... (LoaderMax.getLoader("Menu.swf") as SWFLoader).dispose(true); removeChild(menu); menu = null; With the code above, the classes won't be garbage collected. Is there an option to remove them all without setting every instance to n