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  1. Hi! I tried animating the 'left' value of a absolute-positioned long and big text. The result I got is the animation stuck at the first word until the last word about to exit the screen. The weird thing is the animation runs fine when I'm hovering the element in inspect mode. Can I get some help? Thanks. Edit: Seems like it's a browser problem? I usually use Firefox, but the animation seems to run well in Chrome. Fix: It worked in Firefox as well when i changed to animate xPercent instead.
  2. Hi Cassie, Wow you are so incredible. I saw your codepen and thought 'huh so my desired animation can actually be done so easily'. You are right that I have been overcomplicating things. Guess I need to simplify my way of thoughts and polish my code some more. Thanks for the help! 👍
  3. Hi Cassie, I have updated the codepen, adding 'trigger', 'start', and 'markers'. When I scroll up, the description text is not reversing. Can you help me with that? Thanks
  4. Hi, Is it possible to chain a second scrollTrigger after the first scrollTrigger finish its animation? I tried using gsap.add().add() but it seems like this method isn't suitable as I can't make sure the second animation occur only after the first animation has finished. Then I tried using onComplete event callback method. It worked well for a regular timeline, but it didn't work when I used scrollTrigger. Is it because I didn't set the trigger and start? I'm not sure how to set the trigger because it should occur right after onComplete from previous animation so I thought there's no need to set the trigger. Here is a breakdown of what I'm trying to do. 1. Title text will shrink to a certain point as the page scrolls down. 2. Description text should appear or disappear depending on the scroll direction once the title text has reached the certain point. The first point has been achieved. As for the second point, I can only make the appear animation once when the page is scrolled down for the first time.
  5. Ahh, i see... I didn't know that before. Thanks for the explanation. Okay, will do. Thanks for the help @OSUblake @Cassie
  6. I get this part by this you mean I can't pin a section which has greater height than viewport, right? But I didn't pin the section though? Or a trigger element is pinned as well? i thought the section only serves as trigger and the pinned one is title only?
  7. Sorry if my description earlier is not clear enough. Here's what I'm trying to do. I want to pin the title till the end of section but the current end point isn't at where I want it to be. Is it clearer now?
  8. Yeah, that's why I'm confused why is it not working as expected
  9. Hi @OSUblake, No, it isn't. The scrollTrigger should end when the bottom of #section pass the end of viewport, so I suppose it should be 'bottom bottom'?
  10. Hi, I am trying to create a view where the title is pinned to the top until the end of #section so I set endTrigger to #section but the end point didn't go as expected. Any help would be appreciated.