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  1. I was approaching this task incorrectly. I've reread the docs and now have a better understanding. Thank you both.
  2. Thanks mikel, but I am trying to continue the animation on trigger, not reverse. The idea is to have a sequence of tweens for tlMasterIn (page load), and a separate sequence of tweens for tlMasterOut (page unload), while using the same child timeline (to avoid conflicting tweens) There will also be multiple other child timelines/functions acting in the same manner. But perhaps I am fundamentally wrong about using 2 separate master timelines?
  3. I am trying to create a site loader/unloader by playing a nested timeline via a masterIn timeline, and resuming the nested timeline via a masterOut timeline. When I add the resume to the masterOut timeline, the tween fails to play, however, I am not seeing any console errors. Any guidance would be appreciated. I am also open to suggestions for a more elegant way to code this. I've used separate 'in' and 'out' nested timelines in the past, but always run into glitchy overriding tweens. https://codepen.io/brioenzswozlle/pen/GROeEeZ
  4. Thank you, shiftChildren is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to .add() a couple of timelines to a master timeline using labels, but coded out of sequence. Here is a pen of the timeline working correctly when coded in sequence. However, when the nested timelines are added out of sequence (assume they will be added in a separate js file), it does not function as expected. Maybe my understanding of how labels work is incorrect? Any help would be appreciated. 👍 Not working https://codepen.io/brioenzswozlle/pen/mdWoaRM Working https://codepen.io/brioenzswozlle/pen/XWMGyOG