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GreenSock last won the day on March 19

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  1. Hey, Greensock, just an FYI because I spent the last hour or two pulling out my hair, if you leave 'will-change: transform' on a parent, the browser treats it as if it is a transformed element and it breaks fixed pinning. 


    I was trying to see how much smoothscrolling was impacting performance by removing it temporarily and the 'will-change' I'd added for smooth scrolling kept it from working.  Might want to add to pinType docs. This is easy to overlook and not what I expected to effect it.

    1. GreenSock


      Sorry to hear about the hassle. Yeah, that's totally unrelated to ScrollTrigger/GSAP but I just added a note to the docs. Cheers!

    2. davidbwaters


      No problem.  Yeah, I know it's not scrolltrigger's fault, but 'will-change' is already kind of a weird property you would think a browser would work out under-the-hood and it's super unexpected when unchecking in the CSS inspector and have it suddenly work.  Easy to overlook when debugging and I figured if you weren't aware, having it in the docs might save you some time solving people's problems.