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PhysicsPropsPlugin allows you to tween any numeric property of any object based on velocity and/or acceleration.
Provides simple physics functionality for tweening an Object's x and y coordinates (or "left" and "top") based on a combination of velocity, angle, gravity, acceleration, accelerationAngle, and/or friction.
Tweens special EaselJS-related properties for things like saturation, contrast, tint, colorize, brightness, exposure, and hue.
Allows TweenLite and TweenMax to animate the raw style sheet rules which affect all objects of a particular selector.
With the help of the CSSPlugin, GSAP can animate almost any css-related property of DOM elements.
Split<span>Text</span> Text Animation
SplitText is an easy to use JavaScript utility that allows you to split HTML text into characters, words and lines.
Animate virtually any property (or properties) along a curved Bezier path which you define as an array of points/values.
Tweens any numeric attribute of a DOM element.