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  1. Hi, I made this site, the image is rendered with three.js, and the effect is made in a shader distorting the UV values with some sin and cos math.
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  2. Try this one. They're not 100% complete, but should be ok for normal usage. npm install --save @types/gsap If you import files individually like this... import { TweenLite, Linear } from "gsap/TweenLite"; import { TweenMax } from "gsap/TweenMaxBase"; import { TimelineMax } from "gsap/TimelineMax"; import "gsap/CSSPlugin"; Or all of them like this this... import { CSSPlugin, TweenMax, TimelineMax, Linear } from "gsap/all"; Then you'll need to declare the modules in a d.ts file somewhere. So something like this. This isn't complete. Just showing how. declare module "gsap/TweenLite" { export { TweenLite as default, TweenLite, Animation, Ease, Linear, Power0, Power1, Power2, Power3, Power4, TweenPlugin } from "gsap"; export class EventDispatcher { } } declare module "gsap/TweenMaxBase" { export { TweenMax as default, TweenMax } from "gsap"; } declare module "gsap/TimelineLite" { export { TimelineLite as default, TimelineLite } from "gsap"; } declare module "gsap/TimelineMax" { export { TimelineMax as default, TimelineMax } from "gsap"; } declare module "gsap/CSSPlugin" { class CSSPlugin { } export { CSSPlugin as default }; } declare module "gsap/all" { import CSSPlugin from "gsap/CSSPlugin"; export { CSSPlugin }; export * from "gsap/TweenLite"; export * from "gsap/TweenMaxBase"; export * from "gsap/TimelineLite"; export * from "gsap/TimelineMax"; }
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  3. Hi @hughc, I am not sure what exactly you want to achieve. As I interpret it, you get along well with staggerTo. If the reverse animation should be different, a separate timeline can be set up. Happy tweening ... Mikel
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  4. Yeah, got it to work with some if isActive() kill thing:P
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  5. Hi @jesper.landberg, How about if (! Tween.isActive ()) Best regards Mikel
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  6. Hi, Based on cases of @GreenSock (marquee, smooth play) here the next attempt Since a too fast marquee makes me crazy, here's another test on how to use scroll speed: Happy scrolling Mikel
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  7. Hi @tagger, Welcome to the GreenSock Forum. Please provide a reduced test case (see info here) to show the problem. Kind regards Mikel
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  8. @OSUblake Yes, I could make a repo the next week in GitHub with a demo and public the link here...
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  9. Many many thanks for investing time into this, truly grateful and always great to see your examples. I'll be sure to try and learn as much as i can from this. Thanks Blake!
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  10. @tufik2 Is there any chance that you can make a small demo repo? I know a lot of people have asked about this.
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  11. This will definitely increase your sales. +1
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  12. Any news? Right now GSAP is the only one library we use and we don't have a definitions file for. :/
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