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I've discovered this rendering engine to be really fast when rendering games on mobile devices


Has anyone used this before? If so would it integrate with GreenSock?



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I haven't used it myself, but these sites taken from the Pixi.js portfolio use GSAP








Remember, GSAP can tween any numeric property of any JavaScript object which makes it work very well with a number of third-party libraries.

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Yep, I've heard great things about using GSAP with PIXI as the renderer. Excellent combination. Let us know how it goes for you. 

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Pixi.js is the best WebGL/Canvas renderer I've tried, although I prefer to use Phaser, which is a Pixi game framework that does basically everything.


I was totally shocked today when I discovered that I could use GSAP instead of Phaser's tweening engine. Everything I tested seems to be in sync.





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i wanna know that's a resource to integrate the pixi.js "update/render" with the GSAP "update/render"?


I think this will be great to increase the overall performace!



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Oh that's nice! Normally you have to create separate tweens for a lot of properties because they are also point objects. I've been using my own getters and setters, but this is much better.

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