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updateTo recalling

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Hey there, 


I'm trying to use the same tween to push a slider to different positions using the CSS top value and use the updateTo call to change the top position to slide to. 


this is what I have got


    function buildQuestionsTweens(){   //builds the tween when slide element is ready
        slideToQuestionTween = TweenMax.to(getElm(decideSlider, '#decide-slider'), 0.5, {top:0});
   function slide_to_question(slide){   // gets called when slide location is selected
        slideToQuestionTween.updateTo({top:  '-' + slide * 100 + '%'}, true);
 the slider isnt being tweened after is call the updateTo.
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updateTo is only meant for non-plugin values, and top is a CSSPlugin value. Seems like you could just make a new tween for this..

function slide_to_question(slide){
  TweenLite.to(getElm(decideSlider, '#decide-slider'), 0.5, {top: (-slide * 100) + '%'});
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