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TimelineMax - how to call with each element?

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I wonder if there is a way to make a call onStart with the element getting animated.



var arr:Array =[classWithOtherStuff,classWithOtherStuff,classWithOtherStuff];

var tm:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax();
tm.staggerFrom(arr, 0.5, { delay:0, y:'200', ease:Quad.easeOut, onStart:ElementInArr.doSomething}, 0.1);
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Thanks Carl.
Have used many well spended hours on snorkl.tv through the years, so thanks for what you've done there too :)

The use of {self} was new to me, is there any documentation on that way of doing it?

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Thanks for the nice words. You're welcome!


On the v12 page: http://www.greensock.com/v12/ Check out the Top 10 Improvements #10.

It shows how to get the target and time() of a tween via an onUpdate callback.


In the docs we mention the "{self}" thing when we discuss call back parameters like:


  • onComplete : Function - A function that should be called when the tween has completed
  • onCompleteParams : Array - An Array of parameters to pass the onComplete function. For example, TweenLite.to(mc, 1, {x:100, onComplete:myFunction, onCompleteParams:[mc, "param2"]}); To self-reference the tween instance itself in one of the parameters, use "{self}", like: onCompleteParams:["{self}", "param2"]

So it is in there but it probably won't jump out at you on first pass.

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