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useFrames or usesFrames

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which one is correct








it's a bit confusing that after downloading new version old code started producing errors.


Is the parameter in the constructor still useFrames ?




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The docs are correct, but sorry if it's confusing. It is always "useFrames" as it has been for years, but we added a "usesFrames()" method that is ONLY for reporting whether or not the animation is frames-based (it is NOT for setting, since the state is always controlled by the parent timeline's state). Does that clear things up?

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Also you're looking at 2 different versions of the documentation there


Version 12 docs



Version 11 docs


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Yes, that clarifies it.


I just had some older code using TimeLineMax (v. 11 maybe?), and now that I downloaded the new versions I found that what used to be useFrames had changed to usesFrames , totalDuration to totalDuration(value: Number = NaN) , etc.


I suppose there's a reason to these changes, but now I need to go through everything to check I'm not using the old versions anywhere where the compiler doesn't catch them.

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There is a list of general and API changes between v11 and v12 available at http://www.greensock.com/v12/. It can be a bit of a chore to update legacy code sometimes, but I think you'll find that the many improvements in v12 are completely worth some initial pain. Also, v12 has a consistent API between ActionScript and JavaScript, which is very useful if you ever need to make the jump from Flash.

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