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Club Member code install issue

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Hi there. I recently joined as a paid club member. I downloaded all the special code you get with that.


How I've been loading the free version of greensock for as3, is going to Flash Preferences, Actionscript, Actionscript 3.0 Settings, and then loading the source path: /GreenSock-AS3-maser/src


This works great as all the free greensock products work as expected.


I try the same thing with the "bonus-all" folder (ex. /bonus-all/Flash/AS3/com/greensock) that is downloaded with the membership, but it throws an error: "/bonus-all/Flash/AS3/com/greensock/TimelineLite.as Line 1 5001: The name of package 'com.greensock' does not reflect the location of this file." 


I'm using:

import com.greensock.*;

to load the code in my flash file. Any advice? I'm sure this is a straight forward solution. Apologies if there is a different forum this should be posted in. Feel free to delete/move post if so. 



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Your import statement is correct and doesn't need to change, but instead of targeting    /bonus-all/Flash/AS3/com/greensock for includes, try /bonus-all/Flash/AS3/ instead and see how that fares. The include path needs to be able to find the com directory first, and it seems you've pointed it all the way to the actionscript files.

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Or you can just drop the "com" directory (and all its contents) into the same directory as your FLA. 

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