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Control where transform handles appear

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I have a sprite that is masked. I have added the children of that sprite to the transformManger. All works well except I want the handle of the transformManager to appear outside of the mask. Is there a way of doing this? can I add the handles to another displayObject somehow?


In looking at the code for TransformManager it looks like there is a member variable - _parent - that targets where the handles are drawn. I guess I could tweak _parent and make it refer to the DisplayObject that I want the handles to appear in. ??

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Sorry, but the selection box/handles have the same requirement as everything else - it must share the same parent as the rest of the targetObjects. The reason has to do with accommodating multiple selections.

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I see why all the items have to be children of the same displayObject but why do the handles? In this project I'm not using multiple selection - so it wouldn't matter anyway. I was looking through the code and I couldn't find where the handles are added. Could you point to where that happens and maybe I could tweak it?


Pretty damn cool code by the way.


It took me a while to figure out that the TransformEvent.SELECT events are fired by the transformItem not the transformManager. Maybe you should add that to the comments at the top of transformManager?

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Handle-related code is mostly in initSelection(), createHandle(), and redrawHandles().


As for the reason why the selection box/handles need to have the same parent, it has to do with them tracing the _dummyBox exactly which I suppose could be accomplished using localToGlobal() and globalToLocal() on each point, but I was trying to avoid that for performance reasons. Technically I believe it would be possible to have the selection box/handles appear elsewhere.


Glad you're likin' the code :)

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