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moving around the stage(doing a full lap) before ending at a certain point

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Hello guys

How do I make that the object that I click, start moving in circles ( 2-3 times ) around the stage before arriving at its end position.Something like in this picture.

PS: it doesnt have to have an exact radius or exact steps, it just has to rotate 1-2 times and after that go to the certain point on the stage.



the way I figured out it could be is something like this:

private function onClick( ev:MouseEvent ):void
        var currentObj:Sprite = ev.currentTarget as Sprite;

        TweenLite.to(currentObj, 1, {x:first_X, y:first_Y, onComplete:goToPosition2 });

        function goToPosition2():void
            TweenLite.to(currentObj, 1, {x:secontd_X, y:second_Y, onComplete:goToPosition3 });

        function goToPosition3():void
            TweenLite.to(currentObj, 1, {x:third_X, y:third_Y, onComplete:goToPosition4 });
        //and so on and so on


yet I somehow feel that this is very wrong way of doing it.


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