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AIR<-swf: Illegal override of onInitTween

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In fla project I use greensock (v.12).

After compiling swf I started compiling tool for AIR I have an error (AIR):

VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of _onInitTween in com.greensock.plugins.endArrayPlugin


Pls, see attachment.


Could you comment pls, any known issues?


Thnx and respect for GSAP!




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It sounds like you could have mismatched versions of the core TweenLite/Max files and the EndArrayPlugin. If the plugin is older than the core files (or vice versa) this kind of error can occur. It's best to compile with all of the GSAP files coming from the same version. I'd recommend grabbing the latest GSAP download and trying to publish with that.

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Hmm, no - I completely used unpacked archive from v12AS3..


Finally, sad, but rewrite all code for using adobe Tween - there is no time to "read documentations" in current project :)

But it's great to find the answer to the topic question - we'll make GSAP more wide!


So, any more ideas?

Maybe it'll be better to post the project to see all my steps to the Error?

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