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Transforming nested text field

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Please find attached example code...


I have a textfield that is inside a movieClip. I then add the movieClip to the transformManger via the addItem method


_manager.addItem(_main.ballon,TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT, true);


When the movieClip is transformed the textfield distorts. I am hoping there is some way to make it not distort - like the textfield in your example.


If not - any Ideas on how to do this? I am trying to design a speech bubble for a build your own comic application.



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The problem is that you wrapped your TextField in a MovieClip. So it's like it's being seen through a "lens" and that lens is getting distorted. That's just how Flash works. The only way around that (that I know of) is to override the width/height or scaleX/scaleY setter of the MovieClip wrapper and have it resize your TextField's width/height instead. So you'd have to create a custom class for that.

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